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FTTx, HFC, PON Fiber-Optics Networks Verification

The OPX-150 series makes the OTDR technology available to all levels of fibreoptics verifications in a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use integrated unit. There are four pre-configured models of OPX-150 to satisfy all applications from short-range Access, long-range Transport, mid-range FTTx, Metro and Ethernet networks.

  • FTTx and Access fiber network testing
  • Service premises fiber network certification
  • Metro fiber network maintenance
  • WDM transport network construction and installation

With Passive Optical Network (PON) option added, OPX-150 can also measure optical characteristics of fiber network through high-loss 1x8 or 1x32 distribution couplers. Hardware option of circulator coupler can also increase 2dB of dynamic range for single mode wavelengths.

Reflect sor Viewer

Reflect software application supports advanced post-processing, reporting, data acquisition and file management for OPX-150. Specifically designed for off-line analysis, Reflect offers intuitive graphical user interface for the best productivity.
  • Advanced customizable reporting
  • Remote database repository
  • Bidirectional analysis
  • Batch operation recording and playback